Having trouble deciding if you want to hire an all out wedding planner? Looking to just hire day of services? Let us help you decide the best option for you, with a little more info!

The major difference between the two options are, of course, the amount of work you’re getting out of it. When you hire a full service wedding planner, you don’t even have to be in the same state full time to get the job done well. Wedding planners handle the concept, planning, coordination, management, and details of the entire wedding. They execute the entire event from beginning to end and stay until the finish post reception.

A coordinator on the other hand, will join the couple about a month before the wedding and handle the timeline day of only. They are not integrated within the process or able to learn about the couple, their family/friends, or their vision. If you’re looking for someone who ca simply keep things moving day of, without background knowledge of the ceremony and reception, then a coordinator is for you! However, if you’re looking for a genuine planner who will handle everything for you from start to end, you’re looking for a planner, and you should give us a call!