One of the sweetest couples we have ever worked with, our April 20th wedding was definitely a unique one. Not only did we have a first look with a horse costume but we had a one of a kind garter removal as well! Keeping things fun and light on their big day was important to both the couple and their family who showered them with love all day.

The garter removal was one of the most special we’ve ever seen. As the family is filled with mechanics, Elando decided to use his tools & experience to prop up Sarah’s legs and go “under the hood,” which was a famous moment for this event. The guests loved it! And our bride had plenty of jokes for our groom who she surprised with a horse costume for the first look (we did the real one after, of course).

And to top if off, we had our first international wedding when we used zoom to live stream the ceremony to family of the bride & groom in Ecuador! This was a huge point for the couple as they were unable to have all of their family here with us. No matter where you or your guests are, we can get the job done!