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Meet Adrienne Johnson

Adrienne, Owner of Redefined EleganceAdrienne Johnson grew up in the hospitality business. She worked alongside her dad at his restaurant and catering business for over 14 years. Throughout those years, she learned how to interpret the Clients expectations, how to create an experience and orchestrating the proper timing of the event and how to work with outside vendors. These were skills that she thought she would never use in such detail again.

After graduating college, Adrienne built her career in the Legal profession as an Advance Certified Paralegal and managed insurance claim files in litigation. As a Litigation Manager for Property Casualty Claims both residential and commercial, assessing risks on insurance claims and understanding the ins and outs of contract law, she became very detailed oriented. These skills made her a true asset to her company. Throughout her legal profession, she was involved with countless committees that planned events, and was the Chair of the New England Chapter of the National Association of Subrogation Professionals for 5 years guiding the Chapter to win 3 Outstanding Educational Awards. Her experience and knowledge growing up in the hospitality industry never left her side.

Upon retiring, and becoming an “Empty Nester” with her husband, her calling brought her full circle. Adrienne went back to her hospitality roots and decided to be come a Strategic Event Planner that specializes in Multi-Cultural Events both in the Bridal and Corporate industries. Adrienne became an Internationally Certified Professional Event Planner and quickly assembled a network of A-List event vendors, everything from a dog sitter to a Keto Master Chef to a multi-cultural designer to an Egyptian DJ and more who she calls upon to build the truly amazing events she and her team create for their Clients.

When you meet Adrienne to share your vision, you’ll feel a sense of calm as she listens not only to what you are saying, but for the smallest little detail of each story you share with her. She is looking for that special little something your event needs to become extraordinary. Whether it is bringing in a special flower for the Guest of Honor’s wife or including memorabilia from a close relative who has passed. Adrienne’s passion is to take an event and make it so meaningful for everyone attending, will be talking about for years to come.

If you are fortunate enough to experience a Redefined Elegance Event, you can be assured Adrienne and her team are with you every step of the way. Her attention to the smallest details is second to none and your only job will be to enjoy the amazing event you create with her.

“Share Your Vision with Us, We’ll Bring It To Life”