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When you've found that special mate and you've decided to make it official with a fabulous wedding, you have big dreams of making every childhood fantasy come true. Although there may be many hurdles that finally get you down the aisle, one of the largest is often how much will it cost for your dream wedding, and does that amount fit within your wedding budget?

The total cost for your wedding day will certainly vary depending on the location, time of year and number of guests, but the national average is around $36,000, based on the WeddingWire 2018 Newlywed Report – the most comprehensive snapshot of modern wedding journeys in the U.S. based on data from the largest, most inclusive report of its kind, with insights from nearly 18,000 newlyweds married in 2017.

If this is your first and perhaps last time you'll tie the knot, you'll want your wedding to be memorable for all the right reasons. For first-time wedding couples, the imagination and the budget may not meet eye to eye. There are many things about wedding planning that you may or may not know or simply unaware. Like, tracking your RSVPs, managing unruly guests, managing your vendor contracts, overseeing sound checks and much more. If you've been married before and planned your own wedding, you've probably learned that hiring an experienced wedding planner would have saved you a ton of time and reduced your stress level and anxiety.

“Our wedding was beautiful...”

"I just want to say thank you very much for everything you did for us. You went above and beyond for us. Our wedding was beautiful. Wesley and I were thrilled with you and your staff's service. Thank you again."

Wesley, Eva & The Girls – 2018

When you hire Redefined Elegance as your wedding planner, you'll simply share your vision with us and let us do the rest. We will create a plan of action and be responsible for acquiring the necessary vendors such as caterers, DJ, florists, and everything necessary to make sure your wedding is professionally planned and executed. We are passionate about creating an exquisite and memorable event for our clients.

No two weddings are alike, which makes your special occasion that much more fascinating than another couple. When you hire Redefined Elegance to plan your wedding, you are hiring a certified event and wedding planner based in Windsor, Connecticut with testimonials from some very happy wedding couples. We arrive early to ensure setup is timely and organized. We are available throughout the entire wedding to intercept any issues that may arise so you can continue to enjoy your wedding without worry.

“The best wedding planner...”

"Adrianne has been the best wedding planner she could be to my fiancé and I, she has gone above and beyond for us. All I had to do was tell her what my vision was and she made it happen, the best part was that she made it affordable for us. We appreciate everything she has done for us. We got extremely lucky to have such an amazing wedding planner to help us with our wedding. Not only is she a great wedding planner but she is also a great person."

Zaireliz & Guliano – 2018

Nearly 40% of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day so this may be the perfect time to start planning your wedding and formulating the perfect wedding budget. Redefined Elegance can help you develop and oversee your budget, keep track of when your payments are due so no deadline ever gets missed and make sure the vision for your wedding comes true. We customize our services. The pricing can be hourly, percentage wise, fixed or a mixture of these categories. Our prices are determined by the services you require. We handle small projects, large projects and every type of imagination.

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