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How We Have Become the Best in CT for Cultural Weddings

One of the most important things in any business is to have a specific niche that you can offer to your clients. For us, it’s far more than that. While we are in the niche of multi-cultural wedding planning, we understand the importance of the cultures, traditions, ceremonies, and detailed moments of the day. Specifically, we are internationally certified and specialize in cultural events.

Four of our most recent events have been Punjabi, Gujarati, Pakistani, and Ghanaian. In a Punjabi wedding, for example, there are up to 24 ceremonies that can take place with the couple and their families, including the Sangeet and the Varmaala. Both of these important moments have been orchestrated and created with the help of Redefined Elegance’s team.

In a Gujarati wedding ceremony, one of the most significant moments of the event is when the bride completes the Gharni Iaxmi. This is where she gently kicks over a small handi of rice with her foot to symbolize entering the groom’s home. Third, the Pakistani weddings are always filled with the most vibrant, extravagant celebrations of the happy couple, and can occur over the course of a few days.

Finally, our Ghanaian weddings are always breathtaking. The specificity in the details of the ceremony is what makes this culture so special. From the head of each side of the family coming together for the negotiations, including the bride’s hand in marriage, to the merging of the two families, these are some of our favorite moments. These are some of the intricate details that we have chose to specialize in, and the reason why we are the best at what we do, for you!

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A Wedding Planner vs. A Wedding Coordinator

Having trouble deciding if you want to hire an all out wedding planner? Looking to just hire day of services? Let us help you decide the best option for you, with a little more info!

The major difference between the two options are, of course, the amount of work you’re getting out of it. When you hire a full service wedding planner, you don’t even have to be in the same state full time to get the job done well. Wedding planners handle the concept, planning, coordination, management, and details of the entire wedding. They execute the entire event from beginning to end and stay until the finish post reception.

A coordinator on the other hand, will join the couple about a month before the wedding and handle the timeline day of only. They are not integrated within the process or able to learn about the couple, their family/friends, or their vision. If you’re looking for someone who ca simply keep things moving day of, without background knowledge of the ceremony and reception, then a coordinator is for you! However, if you’re looking for a genuine planner who will handle everything for you from start to end, you’re looking for a planner, and you should give us a call!

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Spotlight Event: Sarah & Elando’s Wedding

One of the sweetest couples we have ever worked with, our April 20th wedding was definitely a unique one. Not only did we have a first look with a horse costume but we had a one of a kind garter removal as well! Keeping things fun and light on their big day was important to both the couple and their family who showered them with love all day.

The garter removal was one of the most special we’ve ever seen. As the family is filled with mechanics, Elando decided to use his tools & experience to prop up Sarah’s legs and go “under the hood,” which was a famous moment for this event. The guests loved it! And our bride had plenty of jokes for our groom who she surprised with a horse costume for the first look (we did the real one after, of course).

And to top if off, we had our first international wedding when we used zoom to live stream the ceremony to family of the bride & groom in Ecuador! This was a huge point for the couple as they were unable to have all of their family here with us. No matter where you or your guests are, we can get the job done!

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Top 5 Donts When Planning Your Wedding

A lot of people think about the Dos for planning a wedding – the decorations, the bridal party, the first look, etc. There are a ton of options out there. But much less discussed are the donts of wedding planning! Our professional experience has shown there are 5 things you should NOT do for your big day:

  1. do NOT include registry information on your invitation! Instead, use a 2.5×3 insert card to list your favorite places
  2. do NOT invite someone to the bridal shower or bachelorette if they aren’t invited to the wedding! Only exception to this is if they aren’t able to attend the wedding for personal reasons
  3. do NOT FORGET to provide small personal gifts for your wedding party! They can be inexpensive but cute and will be a great memory for everyone
  4. do NOT FORGET to include your vendors in your guest count!
  5. do NOT STRESS over the planning of your wedding! It’s your big day, it should all be fun! Hire a professional internationally certified wedding planner to take on that stress for you & handle the intricate details

We can take your vision for your big day to that special place so you and your fiancé can be the Honored Guests at your own wedding! Talk with you soon!

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Spotlight Event: Angelica & Devon

Redefined Elegance is not only making our way to the top in Connecticut as an elite event planning service, but we have clients as far as California coming to us for their east coast weddings. For our June 5, 2021 wedding, we were honored to work with a military couple coming across the country to celebrate their big day with family in Connecticut.

Our biggest task was to assist the couple with the planning, arrangement, and organization of both the small and larger details of the event until they were able to be present with us in Connecticut. This includes the flowers, menu, the timeline of the day, as well as transportation to and from the event for all guests and the bridal party. This allowed our couple to continue their lives in California without any concern for their wedding planning across the country. It was an honor to help this military couple. Thank you for trusting us and thank you for your service.

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Why Redefined Elegance Should Plan Your Cultural Weddings & Events

A Redefined Elegance wedding is different than any other. We are full service, which means you’re getting every detail chosen by you and executed by us. From scheduling and contracts to day of implementation and follow through until the entire event has completed.

To separate us from the rest, we are internationally and multi-culturally certified. We have extensive experience in assisting our clients with their dream events, including any and all cultural traditions, special moments with family, specific decor, and ceremonies. If you want to hear more, check out our reviews!

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How to Be A Guest at Your Own Wedding

Your wedding can be the best day & most stressful day of your life simultaneously. The choices, the planning, the buildup to the big day, the people waiting to watch you walk down the aisle and the huge celebration afterwards; can be a lot of pressure. How to lessen that? Hire us as your wedding/event planner and become a guest.

We understand the cultural traditions, ceremonies & background information as a multi-culturally certified company. Not only do we have extensive experience in this niche, but we specialize in it. We can assist you in highlighting the traditions you want to include and eliminating anything you don’t. We show up on game day before you do, and we walk you through everything until the end. This should be YOUR day, and that is our one & only goal. So, give us a look, check out our social media, and let us help you be the guest of honor on your big day!

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